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Iconic North Shore Hawaii surfboard designer/shaper Pat Rawson has been working with Focus SUP designer Nitzan Benhaim and with Focus team-rider, teenage phenom Mo Freitas for over a year. Together with Pat, they have developed new designs aimed at the performance SUP enthusiast.  The new boards were introduced for 2014 at the September Surf Expo in Orlando.
Pat commented, in his excitement, on working with the young Freitas "I'm designing surfboards for stand up paddle performance".
About Focus SUP:
Focus SUP was founded by Jacob Benzvi, Nitzan Benhaim, and Tal Meirovitz in late 2008 with the idea of designing the best SUP boards available.


Designed in Hawaii, Focus SUP boards are sold worldwide. Since its humble beginnings, Focus SUP has evolved into Focus SUP Brands (FSB) Inc. with five lines including FOCUS SUP, FOCUS/Pat Rawson "High Performance", STANDUP PADDLESPORTS, BODY GLOVE SUP, and SURF DIVA SUP.


Rawson Boards


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  • Cleveland Bigelow Sep 20, 2013 

    When will your new website be up with info on the rawsons and new wider torpedo? Best, Cleveland

  • CAILLE Oct 04, 2013 

    The 8’4 looks just insane (like the 8’2). We need some for reunion island
    Please contact me we can order some for our shop
    fabrice Caille

  • Dan Oct 05, 2013 

    The Pat Rawson boards look killer!

    When will the 8’4″ be available? What will be the cost and construction of this line?

    Thank you for your time.

  • JB Apr 02, 2014 

    need the 7’10 now on Oahu, please. Mahalo.

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