Focus Surfboards was created with the goal of bringing the best quality and value stand up paddleboards and surfboards to riders and surfers around the world.

We are three childhood friends from Israel, Jacob Benzvi, Nitzan Benhaim and Tal Meirovitch, who started Focus Surfboards in late 2008.

We all grew up in Israel and always dreamed about surfing in the continental US and Hawaii. In 1995, Jacob and Nitzan moved to the US and never looked back. Living in Southern California, the surf and lifestyle was what we had always dreamed of. In 2001, Nitzan moved to Maui to ride bigger waves and tow-in at Jaws.

Our Story - Surfing always played a pivotal role in all of our lives and pretty much dictated where we ended up… So, in late 2008, we made the decision to open Focus Surfboards and produce the boards that we believe in; only the best quality and value.  With Nitzan in Hawaii, Jacob in California and Tal in Israel we are well positioned to bring the Focus boards to very diverse markets. We started with just three shapes to work with and now the lineup has grown to 22 SUP boards, 20 surfboards and a full SUP-dedicated lineup of accessories.  Based in Maui, we have the best conditions and riders to test and develop new boards, making the final product ideal for all types of riding conditions and riders.

Left to right: Nitzan Benhaim, Jacob Benzvi, Tal Meirovitch. Ocean Beach, San Francisco CA 1995